The first 6 weeks of school: Part 1

I like to begin each new school year with read-alouds related to living the readerly life (Mr. Katapat’s Incredible Adventures, Wild About Books, The Library) and with great books that speak to the wonderful places that we know libraries can be.  By the time they are third graders, my students don’t need as many lessons about book care and strategies for choosing books so I can have some fun reading things like Margaret Ruurs’ s My Librarian is a Camel (Think about how lucky you are, kids!) and the McKissacks’ Goin’ Someplace Special.

The Librarian of Basra by Jeanette Winter is a marvelous one for talking about one woman’s efforts in Iraq to save the books in her war-torn city.  I recently read a review in SLJ of another book I’ll be adding to this list–Biblioburro:  a True Story from Colombia (also by J. Winter) about one teacher’s efforts to bring  books via burro to children in the high mountains where there are no libriaries.

A few other personal favorites you might consider:

Book! Book! Book! (Bruss)

Winston the Book Wolf (McGee)

The Best Time to Read,  The Best Place to Read (Bertram and Bloom)

Miss Smith’s Incredible Storybook  (Garland)

Down Cut Shin Creek (Appelt) which pairs nicely with  That Book Woman (Henson)

What are some of the books you like to read at this time of year?


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