Two birds, one stone

The carpeting in my library was replaced this summer. (Yippee!) Those of you who’ve ever been through that process know that everything’s gotta come out, and everything’s gotta go back in. This is a good thing.  But it didn’t happen by magic.  It was a lot of work. Work that I was happy to do.

It was work I chose to document as well.  And I’m going to share it. Documenting the carpeting project was a great opportunity for me to practice using web 2.0 tools for some digital storytelling.  My district moved to Google Apps for Education in May and I knew that I wanted to dabble with Google Docs this summer anyway.  So I took a number of photos as I worked and then put together a Google Presentation.   (see below)  A few days ago as people returned for in-service I shared it by email for two reasons:

1. I had a story to tell, and

2. It provided colleagues with an example of one way to use GoogleDocs (along with an offer from me to teach them how, of course).

I also used the same photos to make a short video using Animoto.  Both of these are now on my library webpage for parents to see as well.

I know that we as librarians cannot afford to be invisible anymore.  We know that what we do has a direct link to student achievement, we know that if we’re doing our jobs well students are reading and accessing fabulous literature and information, we know that we are promoters of lifelong learning and we’re building our own Personal Learning Networks and navigating an increasingly complex technology landscape.  But if we don’t share that, no one else knows it. And even though are libraries might be well-oiled machines, if we aren’t perceived as vital and organic in times of fiscal challenges (like now!) our invisibility is what’s going to do us in.

So as you think about all the engaging lessons and special projects you’re going to be doing with students this upcoming year, think too about how you can document and share your work with others.  Break free from your invisibility cloaks!


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  1. Melanie
    Aug 30, 2010 @ 23:24:55

    These photos brought back memories of the hundreds…about 300 I believe… of boxes we unpacked after the library renovation. It’s a ton of work, but oh so worth it. The carpet looks great as do your other library changes.


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