First six weeks Part 2: A Gold Mine!

A few years ago I purchased Harry Wong’s The First Days of School for the professional collection, read it over the summer, and then very intentionally changed the way I did some things in my library. The book was a great read, addressing many of the day-to-day issues for teachers. One of my biggest take-aways from the book was the whole idea of figuring out and explicitly teaching the routines I wanted to have in place for my library—entering, exiting, transitioning from story to book exchange, lining up, etc. It has made a big difference for me in my work, and consequently I have recommended it to several people, especially newbie teachers.

This summer I came across an excellent wiki which was begun by four librarians who had a Twitter chat about Harry Wong’s book. This wiki is an absolute gold mine! (especially if you’re new to the field) These librarians have posted an incredible number of resources and links that will help you not only with the routines involved in your work, but the administrative tasks, curriculum, and promotion of your library. Lots of handy stuff all in one convenient place. It’s clear that the site is truly a “living” wiki, too, with regular updates. I first looked at it in July and my visit there yesterday had some new surprises.

So in the same spirit of those four colleagues who so generously share and provide a space for others to share, I am sharing their amazing wiki with all of you. Have a look—you won’t be disappointed!


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