Tech Tuesdays

I decided to borrow the term “Tech Tuesdays” from one of  the blogs I read and begin an ongoing series of mini-workshops for my teachers after school.  (Class size was limited to 8 because of the number of available computers.)  Last Tuesday I had eight staff members come to the first one to learn how to create a short video using animoto for our upcoming Open House .  We met from 3:15 to 4:00 and everyone left with a finished video, so I deemed it a success.  Here are some things that helped it to flow smoothly:

1.  I set up animoto accounts for the participants ahead of time based on my RSVPs. (I used fake birthdates and easy passwords with the idea that people could edit their profiles later.)

2. I emailed everybody a week before telling them that they needed to have 12-15 images ready and with them on the day of the workshop, either on a flash drive or in a folder in their directory on the network.

3. I bribed everybody with chocolate.

4. I had a sample already made to show the possibilities.

5. We watched the 60 second animoto tutorial at the Smartboard first.  Then I walked them through the process again using 4 or 5 images that I had ready on my desktop.  I demonstrated how to delete, shuffle, add text, etc. and then we rolled up our sleeves and got going.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive!  Before people left I asked what else they might like to learn more about in future sessions and I got some great ideas.  This was a reminder to me that if I can show people that I can help them fulfill a need (in this case, have something fun to share at Open House) I can build relationships and keep moving forward.

What are your teachers’ favorite tech tools?


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