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I am on the board for the state association for school librarians here in Vermont and I share a position as a regional representative to that organization with a colleague in a school nearby.  This week we’ll have our second regional meeting of the school year for all interested librarians.  I’m especially excited to have Library Snapshot Day on the agenda for this meeting.  For those of you unfamiliar with this, it is an advocacy tool devised by ALA for drawing attention to the many services libraries provide. On a given day data is collected statewide from school and public libraries and then shared with community members, legislators, superintendents of school, school boards, etc.   It is a way for libraries to pool their data, share it along with lots of photographs, and draw attention to the tremendous impact libraries have on and in their communities on a given day, a “snapshot” in time.

A high school librarian colleague first shared the idea with me last spring after a visit to Maine.  She had seen a slideshow at a library there after they’d held their Snapshot Day and was intrigued.  A Vermont Library Snapshot Day seems like a timely initiative and a worthwhile effort.  Disturbing trends nationwide nudged our state organization to make advocacy a priority this year. School districts here are facing cuts under Challenge for Change, a new state law designed to streamline state government, relieve property tax pressure, and relieve demand on state general funds.  I’m looking forward to lots of discussion and brainstorming as we join other states around the nation in educating our communities and stakeholders about the important work that we do.

ALA’s page on Library Snapshot Day:
ALA’s Library Snapshot Day primer:
Tips/Info/Templates from other states
State of California has some useful info/tips on data collection for Library Snapshot Day:
Also, check out California’s resources pages:
State of Kansas Snapshot Day Toolkit for Libraries:
Good tips from Wisconsin:
See Examples and Results from other states:
Flickr slideshow from Georgia:
Maine (interesting  use of data):
Woodland High School (CA), stats and photos:
Ethridge Library (elem) snapshot day glog:
Maryland’s Library Snapshot Day:
Wyoming Library Snapshot Day:

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  1. Melanie
    Nov 09, 2010 @ 23:59:58

    I’ll be holding yoga club so won’t be at the meeting, but let me know about Snapshot Day as I’d like to participate.


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