Got my head in the Cloud (or…Bye-bye flash drive, hello Dropbox)

For several months now I’ve been using a fabulous free web 2.0 tool called Dropbox.  It has completed eliminated the need for me to carry around a thumb drive so that I have access to documents I create at home when I’m at school, and vice versa.  Dropbox is an online file syncing and sharing tool that works with your word processor.  You create documents in Word, for example, but then save them to your Dropbox.  The folks at Dropbox make that file available to you from any computer.  Start something at school, put it in your dropbox, then finish it at home.  Your work is automatically backed up and secure.  Collaboration on a document becomes easy because of the file sharing system that is part of dropbox, and the online help and tutorials are very well done.

Don’t take my word for it, though.  Simon Collier and Kathleen McGeady write much more eloquently about it in their tech ed newsletter TECHTOOLSFORTEACHERS26DROPBOX-1.  If you’re not a subscriber to their newsletter yet I highly recommend it.  They showcase a tool, tell you why they like it, and give suggestions about ways to use it in your classroom.  Top notch!

P.S. For some reason I’ve had trouble pasting in the attribution for the image above.  It’s from flickr creative commons and it’s photo number 4654625@NOO2388242386.  My apologies to the photographer.


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