A cup of tea and a little PD

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This past week I “attended” an online webinar entitled “Dimensions of Creativity:  A Model to Analyze Student Projects.”  (More about the content will be forthcoming in a future post.  Today I just want to share the resource itself.)  I found information for the webinar on the wiki ok2ask. It was part of a year-long series of  free “snack sessions” offered for professional development by the web resource Teachers First.  Meant to give you a taste of whatever the topic is ( not exhaustive training), these sessions are typically 75 minutes long and offered two different times–at 4:15 pm and at 7:00 pm.  For me, this means I can finish up at school, work out at the gym, grab a quick dinner, make some tea, and be ready to follow along on my home computer a little before 7:00. (Probably in my pj’s!)

If you attend one of the live sessions you can even arrange  for recertification credit.  All sessions are archived, but the certificates are only available for the “live” sessions.  Registration is simple and so is the associated tech process for the session itself.

Upcoming sessions resume in January and include:  Differentiating technology-based projects for all learners, Google Docs, Google Earth, Literacy and Web 2.0 tools, student-centered learning, and a live session from the ISTE conference in Philadelphia in June.  They also periodically offer a session designed to help you navigate the Teachers First website and make the most of its resources. (If you’ve never checked Teachers First out, I recommend it.)  Registration usually opens about a month in advance.

Held using Elluminate, you may need to do a quick download and check your volume controls so that the audio comes through all right, perhaps check your microphone if you want to be able to contribute with voice, and you’re all set.  There is a chat window for asking/answering questions, so even the microphone isn’t absolutely necessary.  After two or three of these webinars I am definitely more comfortable with the process.  The trainers have an easy demeanor and excellent credentials.  They are definitely in touch with what’s happening in classrooms, which I appreciate.

Don’t forget to bookmark the ok2ask page and visit periodically.  Don’t miss out on some of these great webinars.  With budgets going the way they are, I think we’re going to rely on things of this type more and more for our professional development.  Wouldn’t you like to pick and choose what it is you’re going to spend your time learning?  (And wouldn’t you rather sit and do it with your kitty nearby and a cup of tea?)


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