Differentiating tech-based projects

Daryl Hall & John Oates - Adult Education 12inch Remixed Maxi Single, Bob Clearmountain & Nile Rodgersphoto © 2010 hans thijs | more info (via: Wylio)
A quick check of my Google Calendar for next week reminded me that I had signed up for a webinar  entitled, ” The Task is Key: Differentiating Technology-based projects for all learners.” This free one-hour session is offered at two different times on Tuesday, January 25, and a quick check at the site shows that there’s still room for participants.  (Brought to you by the people at TeachersFirst, whose weekly email newsletter I find quite useful.)

As I said in an earlier post, this is professional development you can do in your pj’s with a cup of tea or a glass of wine at hand!

Held using Elluminate, you may need to do a quick download and check your volume controls so that the audio comes through all right, perhaps check your microphone if you want to be able to contribute with voice, and you’re all set.  There is a chat window for asking/answering questions, so even the microphone isn’t absolutely necessary.

Sign-up is easy at their wiki.  While you’re there, look ahead to February and March offerings:  Google Docs, Google Earth, and Literacy and Web 2.0.

If Tuesday’s topic intrigues you, you can sign up here.  “See” you there!


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