Dr. Seuss idea

Every couple of years the staff at my school puts on a special assembly for the kids, a staff “revue” of sorts, right before our winter break.  We have an impromptu staff band that will play a tune or two, some stories or poems that get performed, a comedy sketch or two, perhaps some juggling or tumbling. This year’s revue included a performance of Dr. Seuss’s The Sneetches, so I thought I’d share in time for Read Across America Day.  If it’s too late for this year, put it in your files for next year!

This was an easy story to act out Readers Theater- style. The Plain Bellied Sneetches only had a few lines, as did the Star Bellies. Our Phys. Ed. teacher did a fantastic job as Mr. McBean, complete with tricycle pulling his “machine.” Construction paper stars were all we really needed for costumes, and a backdrop of McBean’s machine was hung on a divider. Sneetches just went “in” and “out” of it according to the narration. Two quick rehearsals was all that was necessary!


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