Winding down the year: Part 2

Hourglassphoto © 2010 John Morgan | more info (via: Wylio)
When the school year had just gotten underway I wrote a post about keeping a September folder with useful reminders and tips and forms to keep organized and get the year rolling with minimal stress. Today I must ask, “Do you have a June folder?”

I find it helpful to have a list of tasks and forms that are part of my end-of-the-year routine because in all of the craziness it’s easy to forget to do something. Over the years this list has changed somewhat (with the advent of SMART boards I no longer have to arrange for cleaning of the overhead projectors, for example), but in a nutshell these are my “closing tasks”:

• Line up volunteers to shelf-read in preparation for inventory
• Tend to my repair pile so I don’t have to face it in September
• Take a look at my budget folder. Be sure I have current catalogs for vendors I deal with annually
• Finalize book order. (Read how this has become easier for me here.)

End of May:
• Send home notices about our annual book swap
• Be sure important library dates are on the master calendar
• Gather together materials for local summer reading promotions
• Finish shelf reading
• Put in writing any special custodial or I.T. requests for the summer

• Accept donations for the book swap, and hold it the week before school is out
• Give teachers a list of outstanding books for their own account
• Give teachers a list of outstanding books for their students (Update every 2-3 days)
• Open inventory. Begin with sections that aren’t used quite as much.
• Create any forms I wish I had but don’t.
• Compile and collate material for annual report for principal.
• Archive all magazines. Clean plastic covers for them.
• Clean the plastic baskets that hold our leveled library and early reader collection
• Clean the microwave, coffee pot, and unplug the mini-fridge and clean when defrosted.
• Puppets and stuffed animals home to wash.
• Finalize and submit purchase orders for all line items.
• Inventory remaining sections.
• Send home bills for any outstanding items one week prior to last day.
• Take down bulletin boards.
• Turn off ink jet printers for summer to preserve cartridges.
• Evaluate, and set goals for/with assistant for next year.
• Thank you notes and gifts for volunteers and secretary.
• Prepare space for summer cleaning (chairs up, things away from windows, items up off floor)
• Change the message on answering machine.
• Be sure secretary has your home phone number.
• Plants and animals? Arrange summer care.

What am I forgetting? What tips do you have for year’s end?


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