12 Things on My Summer List

School’s out,  and for me that means tackling each room in my house, one at a time, for a thorough annual cleaning, weeding around my outside plantings, serving tea and scones to some of my treasured lady friends, sipping wine on the patio with my husband, and reading lots of books I’ve been meaning to get to.

But it also means getting caught up on some school-related items that have been niggling away at me, AND getting pumped up with new ideas for next year and a fresh look at the way I do things. (All that AFTER a week long trip to San Francisco to see my two oldest kids!  Can’t wait!)  So here are a few things from that list:   (Maybe blogging about them will keep me accountable?)

  • Update and organize my IPDP*: my certification is up in June 2012
  • Go back to all my starred items in Google Reader and act on them!
  • Clean up my livebinders;  many need more subtabs and fewer tabs
  • Add tags and categories to posts I forgot to do that for
  • Meet with a few colleagues in my area to plan some collaborative projects
  • Memorize some stories to tell at the flannelboard
  • Look more closely at a few intriguing web 2.0 tools
  • Plan a sequence of lessons to teach one of my teachers and her students how to blog
  • Plan tasks for mentoring a teacher-turning-librarian at my school
  • Re-read some chapter books and prepare booktalks for next year
  • Re-think kindergarten “library time;” (Changes are afoot!)
  • Keep blogging!

.  I’d love to hear what you’re doing this summer to rejuvenate and reinvigorate.  Please tell me what you’re up to by leaving a  comment!

*Individual Professional Development Plan  (fondly known as ” ippy-dippy” in these parts!)


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