Happy Birthday, Buchlady’s Blog!

Birthday Cakephoto © 2009 Omer Wazir | more info (via: Wylio)

One year agotoday I launched this blog as a way of giving back for all the ways I’ve been able to grow as a result of my PLN.  I continue to be inspired by great librarians and technology integration folks and I hope that in my own small way I am providing a service to my elementary colleagues.

Have I done all I’ve wanted to do this year?  No.  I haven’t touched upon a number of types of posts I originally thought I’d write.  I also haven’t developed a rhythm or schedule quite yet, but I’m happy enough with my record so far.  To date I’ve written 59 posts, so I average at least a post a week.  I may not be prolific, but at least I’m consistent!

I’ve enjoyed doing the writing for my posts and learned a lot by participating in Edublog’s Kickstart challenge. I “met” other bloggers through that challenge and I’m hoping for some collaboration in the near future.  I’m still looking for ways to increase my readership, but  I’ve had over 500 visitors since I added my clustr map widget 6 months ago.

It’s been a good year all in all and I’m looking forward to more birthdays.  Please consider subscribing if you like what you see here, and as always let me know if there are topics you are interested in by leaving a comment.


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