From the Redwood Forest…

This past school year, Jason Chin‘s Redwoods was a nominee on Vermont’s Red Clover list (our state children’s choice award).  The book provided me with some excellent background knowledge for my recent trip to Muir Woods, but I so wish I’d been able to make this visit  before I shared this book with my students!  I would have been gushing about the trees for sure!

Muir Woods National Monument is located on government property in Marin County, not far from San Francisco.  After a long (sometimes harrowing!) drive up a narrow road you arrive and immediately feel that you’ve left the world behind.

I cannot describe the sense of awe that I felt looking at these huge Coast redwood trees and the serenity that their habitat created for me.  My pictures do not do justice to their magnificence.

And I’m happy to say that all of the visitors we encountered that day approached each grove of trees with the reverence that they deserved.

Here’s a great video from National Geographic that shows just how they pieced together the photo of one of these mammoth trees for the October 2010 magazine cover.

Can’t go to the redwood forest yourself?  Experience the wonder of these mammoths when you study the 500’s Dewey class withyour students and read Jason Chin’s beautifully illustrated book.  Pair it up with your favorite fiction book about a tree–maybe in April for Arbor Day?


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