Follow that peach!

You know you’re getting old when a well-loved book from early in your teaching career has a 50th birthday. Such is the case for me with Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach.  Before I became a librarian, my second graders adored this as a read-aloud.   (This was before the Tim Burton movie, before the new illustrations by Lane Smith.)  So I was thrilled to learn about a way to celebrate this landmark anniversary.  Why not have kids all over the world roll that peach virtually and share where it’s been with photos?

Similar to a Flat Stanley activity, you can download a paper peach to photograph in an interesting locale, or send a virtual peach to a friend and encourage them to pass it on to someone else to keep the peach rolling. The website keeps track of the number of peaches in transit, the number of peach miles, and the number of people who’ve launched a peach.  Locations the peaches have rolled/sailed/flown to are added to a Google Map.

Great fun–tell your teachers about it today!  Or,…

do it yourself with some of your classes like I did with my third graders.  A week before the annual third grade hike I read the first few chapters during library time and shared the website with them.  I told their teachers about it and asked if they’d be willing to bring the peaches along on the field trip. Here they are atop Snake Mountain with their peaches!

And, if you need a place to send a peach , let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to send my contact info.


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