Supporting emergent readers

We all know that all students benefit from lots of practice with their reading, especially in kindergarten and first grade. This year in my building we’ve borrowed an idea from a number of other schools and started an emergent reader volunteer program. We first pitched the idea with a Powerpoint presentation to our PTO last spring so that we could get their endorsement and possibly some help recruiting volunteers.

Basically it involves supportive adults listening to children read a “just right” book from their browsing box. Parents go through a short training about some skills and strategies taught to beginning readers, and most volunteer once a week for a half hour or so. It is not intended to be an instructional time but rather a time for practice of a familiar book.

We created special nametags for these helpers, and ordered stickers from Upstart that say, “Today I read with _____.” Volunteers sign their name and give a sticker to each child they read with. You can have a peek at the documents I created to help launch the program if you’d like to start something similar in your school.

Emergent Reader volunteer name tags (1)

Emergent reader program survey questions
Description for teachers
August Parent letter


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