There’s Nothing like a Puffin!

This book arrived from Junior Library Guild recently and I think it will make a great read followed by practice with some flexible thinking.  The premise is that nothing else is quite like a puffin.  On each page, though, something else is introduced (a newspaper, a pair of blue jeans, a shovel) and lo and behold, some similarities emerge!  (A newspaper is black and white, jeans have two legs, a shovel is used for digging and a puffin digs with its feet, etc.  You get the idea.)

For a follow-up, why not assemble a set of seemingly unrelated objects and challenge your students to choose two and tell how they’re alike?  Have volunteers orally fill in the same sentence:  “The _____ and the ____ are similar/alike because ________.”    or  

To stimulate this kind of thinking, create a bulletin board with real objects (if possible) or clip art.  Display the cover of the book and a brief explanation.  Cut- out letters for a title like: “How are these objects alike?  Put your brain to work!”  As students pass your bulletin board in the hallway it just might give them something else to think about on their way to their destination!

Be sure, too, to have other books about puffins and penguins handy as companions.


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