Newbery challenge update: A Gathering of Days

Joan Blos’s A Gathering of Days:  a New England Girl’s Journal  sits on our shelves year after year without being touched, but I’ve always been curious about it. (Maybe it’s because I’m a New Englander!)  Because of this challenge I FINALLY read it.

The verdict?  I enjoyed it, but wasn’t blown away.  I do like books with an old-fashioned feel, and this certainly had that.  The language was authentic for the time period and the portrayal of daily life, with all of its ups and downs, was well done.

This being a K-3 school, I can see why I haven’t had too many takers over the years;  the vocabulary and writing style is challenging.  I have an older edition, too, with a cover that isn’t terribly attractive.  Would I recommend it?  To the right girl (yes, I think it’s a girl’s book) at the right time–yes.  To most of my students now?  Probably not.


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