Gear up for Poetry Month: Part 2

I added Bob Raczka’s Lemonade and other Poems Squeezed from a Single Word to our collection this year and I am loving it!  Kids who love word play love it, too.  Billed as “part anagram, part rebus, part riddle” it consists of making poems using only the letters in a single word.  (The poem is about the word, of course, and you can use a letter more than once.)

Raczka explains that he was inspired by the online poems of Andrew Russ.  Russ adds visual interest by lining up the letters in the words with the letters in the original word.  Like so:



ra  n

in                                (Rain:   I ran in!)        Cool, yes?

I tried my hand at it, and come up with these.  (I’m taking the easy way out for this post, though, and not lining them up the way Raczka and Russ do.)


Look for fool




No coat on

I can tan

Nova on tv


Brass rails

“Real” bears




Sir Basil


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