My Summer To-Do List

The school year here in Vermont is winding down, inventory is almost done, and I’m looking ahead to summer and what school-related things I want to do.  Here is my list at the moment, in no particular order:

1. Get comfortable with my new ipad and explore some great apps for next year.

2. Beef up my Twitter activity.  Use Hootsuite more effectively to keep things organized.

3. Finally do something with my pinterest account.

4. Learn about Instagram.

5. Go back through all the starred items in my gmail and Google Reader.  I starred them for some reason, right?

6. Get cozy with the Common Core standards.  Figure out how to use them to boost collaboration with teachers.

7. Clean out my computer files.  Upload lots to dropbox.

8. Re-read Charlotte’s Web in preparation for the 60th anniversary of its publication this fall.  Brainstorm schoolwide activities around this classic.

9. Get back to the Newbery Challenge.  I’ve been neglecting this lately.

10.Catch up with SLJ.  (For the first time ever I have FOUR unread issues!)

What’s on your list?


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