…and that’s a wrap…

Finish Linephoto © 2010 jayneandd | more info (via: Wylio)
My patient readers, I thank you! A month ago I took on the Teacher Challenge through Edublogs called “Kick Start Your Blog” in order to increase my readership and better navigate the inner workings of the anatomy of a blog. I have sprinkled my assignment posts amidst my regular posts on “the nature of the library beast” and you’ve hung in there with me. Bear with me this one last time as I reflect on what I’ve learned and share my next steps. Then, it’ll be back to business as usual for Buchlady!

Working through the Challenge has put me in touch with some wonderful colleagues in both the U.S. and Australia. We have commented on each others’ posts and examined the features of each others’ blogs. I have gotten new ideas for widgets to add, and found new blogs to add to my Google Reader. I’ve been introduced to different tools for working with images and video, and begun to think about creating an avatar for myself. I’ve thought about what makes an effective post and tried to hone my writing. It’s been gratifying and affirming to find so many other people trying to do the same sorts of things that I’m trying to do in my professional life.

Now comes the hard part. The final challenge is for increasing readership and promoting your blog, and (dare I say it?)… that’s going to mean taking the plunge into Twitter. The folks at Edublogs were very clear about that. I must tweet. Tweet I must.  Hmmm….

Thankfully, I’ve been collecting resources (see livebinder below) for a while about Twitter which I will take a close look at during our winter break in a few weeks, and I’ve already watched Russell Stannard’s series of intro-to-Twitter videos here. But I’ll admit it–if I go there, I go reluctantly. Everything I read is pointing me there, but it seems like one more huge tug on my time. (Don’t I spend enough with Google Reader as it is?)

So readers, help me out. If you are a fan of Twitter for professional growth, please share your story (and/or tips) with me by leaving a comment.