Kindergarteners LOVE Pete the Cat!

Last spring a friend and colleague introduced me to Pete the Cat: I love my White Shoes by Eric Litwin.  Because we’ve been highlighting some of our feline book friends lately I thought it was a good opportunity to introduce my kindergarteners to Pete.  We had a blast!  I read the book first and we did a second reading with the music from the publisher’s website.  The kids were so engaged and full of giggles and smiles!

After book exchange that day they could choose a shoe from one of several shoe patterns and color it.  (I asked them to imagine themselves as Pete, walking around their neighborhood.  What would they step in?  What color would their shoes turn?)

Towards the end of our time together we gathered back, put all the shoes in the middle and then sorted them two ways.  They chose to sort them by color, and by kind.  (Their ideas.)  We shared the sorts on the hallway bulletin board.  They’ve been singing the song ever since;  guess I’m going to have to buy the sequel now!

First grade alert:  here’s a great post from a first grade teacher about creating a class book using Pete.

Who is your favorite feline?

Ever notice how many great books there are that include cats?  Here’s a quick and simple bulletin board idea with a nod to Halloween:

Gather books that feature felines as a main character–Tabby, Socks, Mr. Pusskins, Kat Kong, Cat the Cat, etc. and make some color copies of the covers.

Trace and cut some black cats out of black construction paper.  Add googly eyes and orange pipe cleaner whiskers.

Staple some orange yarn around the board.  It appears to come from a ball of yarn that is photocopied from a pattern and colored orange to match the real yarn.

Simple, and fun!