October Bulletin Board Idea

Something I saw on Pinterest this summer inspired this bulletin board (I’m sorry–I don’t remember where I saw it!)  To launch our mini-unit about mysteries, we made silhouettes of enlarged pictures of some book characters we thought many of our K-3 students would recognize.

We have contest entry forms numbered 1-8, and all forms that have all eight answers correct will be entered into a random drawing for a prize at the end of the month.

We’ll also be having students put their arm into our mystery box (blindfolded) to see if they can guess what objects are inside (dice, emery board, etc.).  It’s amazing how the birthday party games of your youth can come in handy!

Who is your favorite feline?

Ever notice how many great books there are that include cats?  Here’s a quick and simple bulletin board idea with a nod to Halloween:

Gather books that feature felines as a main character–Tabby, Socks, Mr. Pusskins, Kat Kong, Cat the Cat, etc. and make some color copies of the covers.

Trace and cut some black cats out of black construction paper.  Add googly eyes and orange pipe cleaner whiskers.

Staple some orange yarn around the board.  It appears to come from a ball of yarn that is photocopied from a pattern and colored orange to match the real yarn.

Simple, and fun!