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100th Day

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For the 6th Teachers Challenge activity we were encouraged to embed media of one sort or another. I decided to share this cartoon which I created in ToonDo in (literally) five minutes for this post in case there are folks out there who haven’t yet heard of this great tool.  Trust me, I am no artist and I’m not terribly witty, but I’ve used this comic creator on my library webpage to advertise my book fair and Family Reading Night and other programs. The possibilities (for adding props, special effects, etc.) are unbelievable, and I’ve barely scratched the surface. But if I can do this in five minutes anybody can!

By the way, the cartoon references my previous post with resources for teachers for the 100th day of school–coming up on February 7 in my neck of the woods!

You can see my first attempt at using Slideshare here.  I also wanted to mention another site for hosting presentations.  Scribd is another service that’s quite similar to Slideshare and relatively easy to use.

Not a lot of time this week to play with new tools, but I am definitely going to check out AnswerGarden and some polling sites when I get a chance.  I can see applications for these for me and my library for sure.  Thanks to the folks at the TeacherChallenge for the great new ideas!