Literacy Webinar tomorrow

Literacy wall 2photo © 2006 Linda | more info (via: Wylio)
There’s still room in tomorrow night’s webinar Building Schoolwide Literacy with web 2.o Tools brought to you by the folks at Teachers First.  I have written posts about their webinars here and here.  I find them to be user-friendly and informative.  Resources from the webinar are made available and all sessions are archived.  Have a look!  You can register here by clicking on “edit” and adding your name.

Field Trip

My CBC Visitor Badge - Image427photo © 2007 Roland Tanglao | more info (via: Wylio)
Last week I was able to spend a half day in someone else’s library in another district. (I have a principal who supports this kind of professional development.) I’ve done it a number of times in years past and I’ll have another half-day visit somewhere else soon. Why write sub plans and jump through hoops to do this?

I find that’s its valuable to see how others do the same job that I do. I take note of the physical space and think about what I could do differently in mine. I browse the collection and always find treasures I missed;  (we all read different review sources, have different priorities, use different catalogs.)

I get great ideas for bulletin boards and projects and I see how class time is structured, and how book exchange happens.

If I’m really lucky the librarian I’m visiting will have a few minutes of down time to chat at some point and I’ll ask her/him about their greatest challenges and how they’re working to overcome them.

I come away with a renewed respect for my colleagues in other places and plenty of things to ponder.  Except for the sub, this costs my district nothing and I get some worthwhile professional development.