Grandpa Green and Seurat

Don’t you love it when things sort of collide in a good way?  This morning I was doing some web searches for a pinterest board I’d like to do for Vermont’s children’s choice award, the Red Clover Award.  One of this year’s titles is Lane Smith’s Grandpa Green, which you probably already know is about how a grandpa uses/creates topiary to capture the memories of his long life.  So in a search for “topiary” I discovered this marvel…and a close-up.  And what famous artist and painting did we study last year and re-create in caps?  You got it!

So this year when we talk about topiary and Grandpa Green we can also reflect back on what we learned last year.  And the students will appreciate the workmanship of the topiary, having re-created the painting in another way.  Cool times two!

The Votes are In

Here in Vermont we have the K-4 kids choice Red Clover Award.  The list consists of ten picture books every year that were published in the previous year.  Kids at my school enjoy the books, but the real fun is on voting day!  For 2012 it was this past Friday.

We’ve been doing this paper-less voting for quite a few years now and it works beautifully.  Each of the 10 nominees is next to a red cup with a piggy bank-type slit cut into the top.  Each child is given a voting chip near the end of their library class period.  They simply drop their chip into the cup/book of their choice and we record the results when they’re dismissed, gather up the chips, and get ready for the next batch of students.

This year’s school winner, you ask?  

Maybe it’s because of this.