First Six Weeks 2011: Getting Acquainted

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Last year I offered some ideas for great books during the first six weeks of school here and here.

This year I’ll begin this series by passing along two resources you and your teachers might find helpful with some getting-to-know-you activities for those critical first few weeks.

Tom Barrett (of the Interesting Ways series) offers this collection of ideas, and the folks at Teachers First have put together this assortment of icebreaker activities.  (Click at the bottom of that site for even more ideas.)

Enjoy!  Please leave a comment and share what you do to get to know your students in the library.

30 Days Hath September

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Do you have a “September” folder?
A number of years ago I attended an excellent workshop through BER entitled Increasing the Effectiveness of your School Library Program. The presenter, Deborah Ford, had many tips for ensuring that we remain organized.  She recommended creating forms which could be used/tweaked in lots of situations.  One of her essential forms was for End-of-Year procedures.  Something you could pull out in June and make sure you didn’t forget to complete a particular task before closing up shop for the summer.  This proved very valuable to me, and I got thinking—what about a similar form for September?   The fabulous folks at have a sample you can use to tweak for yourself.  (That’s what I did!) Now my September “to-do list” is housed in my September folder on my hard drive, along with suggested read-alouds for the beginning of the year, signage, parent letters, volunteer sign-up sheet, behavior expectations, etc.  Make a pledge to create a list before this week is over, and you’ll be ahead of the game come next September!