What do I have to show for 2010-11?

Applausephoto © 2009 Peter Dutton | more info (via: Wylio)
In an earlier post (‘round about the time we were all making New Year’s resolutions as I recall) I challenged you all to think about compiling an annual report for your principal.  I have been doing monthly reports to share with my administrator for a number of years but I’d never done an annual report.  There are some great examples to look at here and I found them very inspiring.  (High school librarians—you rock!)  So I’ve been plugging away at mine, slowly collecting data and thinking about what to include.

It’s been a good exercise.  It has helped me to see just how much I have been able to accomplish and grow this year.  At the same time it is a reminder of what is lacking—greater collaboration with teachers, and more non-print resources for those online environments I keep talking about.

I also have come to realize that I need to take more photos to document what happens in the library during the year.  It would have been nice to jazz things up a bit with images for the report.

Doing this report was also an excuse to try out some web 2.0 tools for creating slick online documents (I’m trying to go paperless whenever I can). Richard Byrne was my inspiration here.  I love how he formatted so many of his resources for teachers using issuu.  Next year’s will be even better, but I’m reasonably pleased with my first attempt.  Please share any feedback or your own report with a link in the comments!

A Vision for my Future

Vision Of Eyechart With Glassesphoto © 2011 Ken Teegardin | more info (via: Wylio)
Librarians in my district this year have been focusing on advocacy and marketing/branding.  Obviously there’s a lot to that, and I’ve shared a resulting mission statement with you in an earlier post.  Recently I’ve been trying to articulate a vision for my library’s future based on this mission statement.

I’ve also wanted to prepare some sort of document that I could have at-the-ready for visitors to my library—parents, other community members, administrators and other stakeholders.  It would contain my mission and vision statements and a few relevant library statistics. this is my first crack at it.  What have I missed?  What’s one way you reach out and share this type of information?