Challenge Activity #5: Images

Koi fishphoto © 2007 Cristina | more info (via: Wylio)
There is no question that I enjoy reading blog posts that sport images more than those that just contain text.  Especially if (like me) you read online content in Google Reader.  The plain blue and white format there can get tiring, so images have lots of appeal.  (As much as I love RSS, it does seem a shame not to visit some of the lovely themes that people have chosen for their blogs.  I chose today’s koi fish image to accompany my WordPress koi theme.)

Anyway, early on in my efforts to learn about what good bloggers do, I made a conscious decision to include images for most if not all posts.  If you look at all my posts you’ll see that I’ve stuck to that pretty well.  Luckily, lots of bloggers have shared their favorite copyright-friendly sites for images and I’ve tried a few. (Click on the livebinder below for some suggestions I’ve learned about from others.)

So far I like flickrCC and morguefile, but my favorite site in terms of ease of use is  All images are licensed through Creative Commons and the attribution is built right in.  It’s super simple to search for a photo, choose the size you want, and grab the embed code.  I don’t think I’ll go anywhere else unless I absolutely can’t find what I need on Wylio!


Copy of Free Stock Images