10 Rock Star Take-aways

Last night I “attended” a TL Virtual Cafe webinar about advocacy.  Jennifer LaGarde and Tiffany Whitehead  did an excellent job reminding us about how we can prove our worth, especially in these tough economic times.  The webinar will be archived in the next few days if you missed it, but meanwhile here are my take-aways:

1. Make everything about the kids.  Every policy, decision, purchase, and interaction has to be about kids.  Only then can you show how you impact student learning.  Don’t advocate for librarians or libraries–advocate for your students.

2. Keep an advocacy file.  Store in it thank you notes from staff or parents, successful lesson plans, samples of student work, etc.  These artifacts will tell the story for you of how you make a difference.

3. Show that you know about more than books.

4. Collect and share data.  Jennifer has an “Advocacy Wall.”  Post monthly stats–how many classes came to the library, how many books circulated, etc.  ANALYZE relevant data.  Can you connect the dots between test scores and library use in your school?

5. Share what’s happening in your library–through social media, PTO and department newsletters, local papers, local organizations.  Step outside of the library world and share with those who may have no idea about what today’s libraries are like.

6. Host family/community events in your library and share those in the local press.

7. Have a mission statement.  Post it everywhere;  make it part of written communications.

8. Elevate those people who are your supporters. (administrator, volunteers, etc.)

9. Make the time to advocate.  Don’t be shy about the good things you do–it’s not bragging if it’s true!

10. Bring solutions to the table when attending meetings.  Show how you can help with whatever is keeping your teachers or principal up at night.

TL Rock stars

Mark your calendar for next Monday’s Rock Star Advocacy webinar.  Brought to you by your peers at the Teacher Librarian Virtual Cafe.   November 7 from 8pm-9pm.

It sounds like there will be some great discussion and how-tos for collecting and sharing data to “prove your worth in tough times.” You must  be a member of the Ning, but it’s a simple registration.  Register soon and you’ll be given details about how to participate through Elluminate.

Kathy Schrock’s new “PD in Action” Webinar Series

Kathy Schrock–THE Kathy Schrock –has partnered up with folks from Follett and the edweb.net community to offer a series of information literacy webinars specifically for librarians.  The first is next Wednesday, October 19.  You have to be a member of edweb, but it’s a free and simple registration.

This is from the notification I received from edweb:

Join Kathy for the first webinar in a new professional development series on edWeb, PD in Action.  The free webinar “Resources for Information Literacy” will showcase information literacy models to meet the needs of various grade levels. Having a standardized model across the curriculum is important so students understand that information literacy is not just something done in one content area.  The webinar will provide some strategies and online resources to help students determine their information need, strategies they can use to locate information easily, the process of evaluation of the validity and usefulness of the information found, and how to organize and communicate information and ideas.

Here’s the line-up.  Join the group, and mark your calendars!

Wednesday, October 19th – 3PMEastern Time
Resources for Information Literacy

Wednesday, November 16th – 3PMEastern Time
Resources for Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Wednesday, December 14th – 3PMEastern Time
Resources for Online Collaboration

Wednesday, January 18th – 3PMEastern Time
Resources for Online Tools and Strategies to Support Instruction